Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Book Tower & Book Building Go Dark

One day after the unheated vacant office tower had its water cut off, the Book Building's last tenant has left and the building has closed. It appears that the new owners who bought the property in August don't want to pay to keep the building open.


Sandy said...

What a shame. I loved Bookies. It had the best interior. I am glad, though, that they are "moving" and not "closing"!!!

Anonymous said...

a shame in deed, i was the assistant to the attorney who worked with the buyer who bought it in 2006, northeast, those guys lost everything. they were sold hopes and dreams, there were many stories that were never put out including political corruption, fraud by the bank and others, those guys had a great view for the buildings and immediate areas future but it didnt work out. that building would have become an icon if their ideas would have panned out. just a shame