Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A Ticking Time Bomb?

Remember when Prosecutor Kim Worthy said that her investigation into Text Message Scandal was ongoing? Well, if the rumors are true, the other shoe is about to drop. John K. Bennett at Detroit Uncovered is suggesting that as many as 20 city employees could be charged in the very near future. Members of the police department as well as a number of city lawyers may soon receive a new perspective on our legal system.

On another note, questions have risen about Monica Conyers recent behavior. Aside for her random outbursts, she was insistent upon the city council reviewing all of the text messages prior to giving any consent to their release. She has also done a 180 in regards to the Mayor and she now appears to be squarely in his corner. Monica was the only council person to attend the recent Pancakes and Politics breakfast and was one of the first guest on the Mayor's new "Real Talk" television show. Ken Cockrel Jr. alluded to her change of heart publicly and has even suggested that the media investigate. Was there something in those test messages that Monica dosen't want the public to know?

It's starting to smell like Monica Conyers might have some skeletons in her closet. Mildred Gaddis has alluded to something tasty involving Monica on her show. So far she has held back. However, on Tuesday morning Mildred mentioned that those wondering what is behind Mrs. Conyers recent behavior could find out in the coming weeks.

Is it a coincidence that these two developments seem to coincide? Is Monica caught up in the current scandal, or has she been digging a separate grave for herself? Only time will tell.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Your City Clowncil at Work!

Way to represent Monica! In the event that Ken Cockrel Jr. has to take up the position of Mayor do we really want this woman running the City Council?