Monday, January 05, 2009

The Thorn in Ilitch's Side?

After two plus years of demolition, construction, and reconstruction it appears as though we will finally be able to link a tenant to the building sitting square in the middle of the Macedonian Parking Cartel's vast Fox Town empire. Since the Book Tower has, for all intent and purposes, been put in mothballs, Bookies Bar is being forced to move to new digs. Reports are that the bar will be setting up shop at the location of the former CC Bar at the corner of Cass and Columbia.
CC's was demolished, except for one wall, and this new structure has risen in its place. With the money being spent, it looks like the owners of the building plan on being there for the long term. Olympia Development are planing to knock down several buildings in the area. The speculation is that this area will be the eventual home to a new hockey arena for the Red Wings. How will this new development affect these plans? One way or the other the property owners are sure to cash-in.

The original C.C. Bar in 2004
C.C. Bar in the summer of 2007.
These two walls were all that was kept from the original building.Today. The future home of Bookies.


MichiganMatters said...

Hey, Faded.

Who currently owns this building?

A dubs said...

I have no idea who owns the building now.

Anonymous said...

There are two owners, one lives in Detroit, the other San Diego California. The San Diego partner used to own the Travelers Motel before it was bought by the Masonic Temple. He also used to own the Park Fischer building. Its a dream of his to open a high class bar worthy of the history and struggles of such a wonderful city. He grew up in Oakland County, his Dad owned the old Grandwood Hotel that burned many years ago.