Thursday, May 29, 2008

Detroit Light Rail Project Has Major Backers

A plan by billionaires Dan Gilbert and Roger Penske to construct a privately funded $103 million light rail loop on Woodward Avenue is being supported by Sen. Majority Leader Mike Bishop and House Speaker Andy Dillon. This could signal bipartisan support from the Legislature, eliminating a potential hurdle for a wider transportation network in metro Detroit.

During a pannel discussion on Mackinac Island today, the House and Senate leaders acknowledged publicly for the first time that Gilbert and Penske were involved in the project. Previously, details had been kept secret about the proposal, especially the identities of its backers.

The Woodward Transit Catalyst Project would be a street-level loop 3.4 miles long along Woodward that would run between Hart Plaza and Grand Boulevard. It would include about a dozen stops at high-traffic areas that include major businesses, theaters, ballparks, museums and hospitals. The line would potentially be the first stage of a larger, regional transit system.


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Anonymous said...

yes interesting, but probably wont happen, like everything else in detroit. Also how does a light rail with half a dozen stops not equal a ground level people mover.

mykelcox said...

Well first of all the article got it wrong its an 8 mile stretch on Woodward from Fox to the Fairgrounds. And second the defeatest attitude in this last comment is why nothing happens in Detroit. Yeah the people mover doesnt get you but around to the attractions in town, but down the road it can and probably will be expanded on (thats how it works ;) ). The Light Rail will connect the surrounding areas with Downtown so people that dont have cars in this dying industry can get to work and shop, entertainment and so on. Its cheaper than buying gas, paying car payment, road reconstruction, auto insurance. I have lived in a city where Light Rail was an option and its a "godsend", saved the city of Portland Oregon in 2008 before you put it down do your homework and stop being a defeatest. It needs the support of the people...or we can live in this slum forever, up to you.