Friday, May 30, 2008

The Maddness of King Kwame

First Mayor Kilpatrick claimed that the City Council violated the city charter by asking Governor Granholm to remove him from office without first submitting the resolution to him for his approval or veto. Then, he went on to veto the resolution after council's attorney William Goodman had already delivered the request to the Governor. Now, in his latest act of lunacy, the mayor has vetoed the city council's earmark of $250,000 to pay for lawyer fees to oust him.

The council should have no problem overriding this veto as it did when the mayor attempted to scuttle the resolution sent forth to the Governor. However, this yet another example of the Mayor's desperate strategy to remain in office: delay, deny, lie, litigate, repeat!

While Kilpatrick continues to exhibit his arrogance and lack of concern for the citizens of Detroit, the city is subjected to further ridicule in this farcical melodrama. The end of this maddness cannot come soon enough.


Sandy said...

I totally agree! There is something seriously wrong with that man (have to keep it clean here)!

A dubs said...

He's just using all the tools at his disposal to keep his job. But, at some point he needs to just walk away and concentrate on staying out of jail.

Sandy said...

I don't think he will ever voluntarily walk away. What a shame.

eyes serene said...

The part that bothers me most is that Detroit deserves better than this... It's all very sad.