Thursday, January 10, 2008

A New Contender?

There has been much speculation over where the Detroit Red Wings will build their new arena if they decide not to renovate the Joe Louis Arena. The leading contenders are Foxtown on the swath of parking lots behind the Fox Theater and the land the city has recovered from the failed Motown Center project West of Woodward and North of I-75.

Foxtown Site

Motown Center Site

The latest rumor suggest that a new arena will be built at Grand River and the Lodge on the site of the closed East Jefferies housing projects. The rationale being that traffic from Red Wings games and other events would spill over to the Ilitch owned Motor City Casino. This would solidify a second Ilitch controlled entertainment district bridging the gap between the Motor City Casino and the Masonic Temple which Olympia Entertainment is now booking.

Jefferies East (part of Foxtown North?)


Sandy said...

What happens if they don't renovate "the Joe"? Will it affect the ice shows that come here?

A dubs said...

There was talk of turning it into an aquarium years ago, but at this point I think they would just demolish it. They could either add on to Cobo in that direction, or redevelop the site and improve access to the riverfront.