Thursday, January 31, 2008

Don't Let Nobody Talk About Y'all's Boy!


Sandy said...

I'm back. Are you sick of me yet? Just one thing to say about his Mamma -- isn't she classy? -- NOT! I'm sorry. I just don't get the fact that the people he is stealing from will still vote for him. The only place he is "helping" (other than himself) is downtown -- which is a good thing, but what about the rest of Detroit? Doesn't it matter? Case in point: The Detroit Popcorn Company just pulled up stakes and moved to Redford after being in business in Detroit all those years. The chief of staff (or whatever his title is) tried to make some noises about wanting to help, but it's a case of too little way too late.

A dubs said...

I just read about the Popcorn Company moving. That's really sad, I can remember going there often in the early 80's.