Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Red Grape Lounge Replaces the 5 & 10 Bar

Out with the 5 & 10 Bar, which was inside the Kresge Building, in with the Red Grape Lounge.

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Anonymous said...

Honestly the best thing about this place is the wallpaper. This was hands down one of the worst experiences I have ever had in my life. 1st of all a co worker and I went there for lunch. THey had a special, one of the specials was for a Grilled Chicken Gyro. I lie to you not when I say the chicken on the gyro was in thin sheets. What the hell is thin sheet chicken. It was like Lunch meat. I have never in my life seen thin lunch meat chicken squares on a so called "Grilled Chicken" gyro, the waitress talked to us like it was normal like that is how chicken was supposed to go. We ordered a side salad, the side salad had iceberg lettuce that was browning and not even cut all the way through with diced tomatoes on top. So basically we had some taco toppings for a salad. When I complained the waitress bought out some shredded cheese and beets. But to put the icing on the cake, I promise the beets were spoiled, white around the beets and smelly. How can you serve rotten beets like are you serious. This place needs to be shut down. Its ashamed it is in the middle of all of these large corporations, with thousands of workers and they dont even have a decent lunch. I wish it was an option to give this place no stars. I rather eat Mcdonalds for a week before going to this place. I honestly felt bad for the waitress because she has no choice but to serve warm liquor and horrible food and chicken sheets that they pretend is "Grilled Chicken". So if you want to go somewhere and look at nice wallpaper go here, if you actually want to eat. Please go anywhere in the world but here.