Sunday, February 06, 2011

Another Brush Park Setback

The Inn at 97 Winder in Brush Park is up for sale. My only hope is that someone will buy it soon and put it to a fitting use.  I would hate to see it end up in the same situation that the Lucian Moore House restoration is in.

$2.5M price tag on Detroit mansion an eye-opener | The Detroit News


Wintersmommy said...

What happened to the Moore House? I thought it was completely restored?

A Dubs said...

It has been restored. However, it has remained empty for almost five years now. I do not believe that any of the units have ever been occupied. Every once in a while I notice a broken window. Several of the lower level windows have been boarded up for a long time. I have fears that it will revert to the state it was before the restoration if no one occupies it soon.