Thursday, August 19, 2010

After Hours


Katie said...

Hey fellow lover of all things Detroit,

Hi. My name is Katie Tibaldi and I'm currently producing with director Andrew James (CLEANFLIX), a feature-length documentary about community action on Detroit's East side and the people who are there on the ground, fighting every day to turn their communities around and take back this once great city.

As it it about Detroit, that is obviously where it will be shooting the entire film, and while the main shoot will probably not be until next summer, trips to meet with potential subjects and get research/initial footage have happened already and are happening again this fall starting the first week of September when the director and I will be coming to town for at least a couple of weeks for such purposes. To check out a sneak peak trailer of one of our subjects we've decided to feature in the film already based off initial footage and meetings go to:

Compelling stuff, right? Anyway, to help fund such a trip and some upfront equipment costs so that we can have enough quality footage to make a 20-30 minute preview to raise the majority of funds for the film and be eligible to apply for several big arts, documentary and filmmaking grants for our shoot next summer, we have started a Kickstarter campaign, which, as of today, now has only 14 days left. To really push ourselves to meet our goal, from today until September 4 we have started a fund drive for this campaign, which is when our Kickstarter event ends and we need to have met our goal of $6500. Currently to reach our goal we still need to raise over $4000 so we really need to hustle and think outside the box in terms of fundraising, especially as the driving urgency with this campaign is that if we don't reach our Kickstarter goal by September 4, no one who contributes will be charged and we will not receive ANY of the funds donated (as that's how Kickstarter works) in time for our September research shoot.

So if you are as concerned about the situation in Detroit as we are----which I'm guessing you are based on your website and amazing collection of photographs taken all over the city----and could help us out or pass on the word to any of your subscribers, friends, family and/or colleagues via your website, Facebook page, emails, etc. we would greatly appreciate it as currently we need to bring as much attention to the fundraising campaign and proejct as possible. The link to contribute and learn more about the film is:

Or also, for more daily info and early press, people can check out our Facebook Page at:!/pages/Street-Fighting-Man/143198635714446?ref=ts

As a born and raised Michigander myself with very strong ties to Detroit specifically, we are VERY excted about this project and what it could mean for Detroit. So truly anything you could do to help us promote our Kickstarter campagin and the film would be greatly appreciated! Or if you have any ideas of subjects or organizations or areas within the city that we might be interested in as we have not decided on all of our subjects for the film yet, that would be amazing as well!

Thanks so much and I look forward to hearing from you soon...

Katie Tibaldi

A Dubs said...

Good luck with your project, it looks like it could be amazing. I remember hearing about Jack Rabbit a few years ago from the Detroit Blog/Metro Times. Very compelling.

I'm going to start pushing out your links on my social media sites. I will also try to knock out a short blurb when I get a chance.

Good luck with you fund-raising, please let me know if I can be of further help.