Sunday, November 15, 2009

Spaulding Court

The Corktown Residents’ Council is working with residents to retake the Spaulding Court apartment complex on Rosa Parks. The century old property has long been abandoned by its owner and is unoccupied, except for two units. The group has launched a Nuisance Abatement suit against the owners and a default judgement is likely.

In October community members cleaned up the site, sealed the unoccupied units, and illuminated the grounds.

It is likely that the complex will be seized and the title will be transferred to Wayne County. It is hoped that the land bank will sell the property to the Greater Corktown Development Corporation for redevelopment.

 Check out Spauding Court in 2003 from detroitpix.

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Dean said...

Thanks for sharing some pics about Corktown and the positive work we're trying to do here.

Keep up the good work!