Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Book Tower to Get New, Green Life?

Key Investment Group of Canton says it has signed a contract with the owners of the empty Book Tower and Book Building to renovate the structures which have been vacant since January. They plan to turn it into 260 green-friendly residences along with retail space.

The development will include a new copper roof, a green roof plaza, and a restoration of an interior atrium. The facade will be completely cleaned as well. Work is slated to begin in June and the group intends to eventually purchase the building.


detroitfunk said...



Seriously - Who has money or financing for more luxury units in the CBD ?

Patrick said...

Why take a negative approach... I'll take any positive news and run with it.

With available government money in green projects, tax incentives, business incentives, etc. I think Detroit and Michigan should lead the way in these types of projects.

Joe said...

They should most of the 13 story section into an indoor mall with and "anchor"store such as Macys,Kohls,Target and many smaller mall type stores. It has a people mover stop already !