Sunday, September 09, 2007

Dark Tower Part II

As you may recall, back in May DTE cut the power to the Book Building and Book Tower for a few days due to non-payment. Tenants were forced to use generators to keep their businesses open while an arangement was worked out.

Well, DTE cut the power again on August 30th. Tenants are once again caught in the middle of a dispute between the buildings former owner and DTE. Susan Lambrecht claims that the $100,000 owed to DTE is the responsibility of Northeast Commercial Services Corp., which she sold the building to and has since lost through foreclosure. Business owners have raised $42,000 on their own in an attempt to restore power while Northeast Commercial Services Corp. tries to work out a deal with DTE and the buildings new owners, KCI.

DTE has so far refused to accept the money raised by the building's tenants and KCI. It is demanding $57,000 in payment.

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