Thursday, May 24, 2007

Action at the UA

Reports have been circulating that Beal Demolition has been doing work inside the United Artists Building. This has led to some speculation that the building is being prepared for demolition.

Upon some investigation of my own, I do not believe this to be the case. Beal demolition specializes in historic building renovations, specifically in interior demolition and lead/asbestos abatement. Also, I have been told that several months ago that Olympia Development were seeking bids for the clean up the building in order to make it ready for possible future occupancy. Olympia and the City, are continuing to market the building together with Statler and Tuller sites. They have been in talks with Rock Financial/Quicken Loans about moving its headquarters there, but no decision has been made.


SwingMan said...

How's about the UA theater itself - can it be saved or is it too far gone?

Speaking of office buildings that house movie theater lobbies, any word one way or another on the Adams? I remember reading in another blog that the center of the Fine Arts building is collapsing - probably the reason everything behind its facade will be torn down, as mentioned earlier in this blog - but what's to become of the Adams?

A dubs said...

From what I've read and the photos I've seen the remaining ornamentation is pretty much destroyed. I think there are holes in the roof, but I'm not sure about the structural integrity of the building. It sounds like if a person had deep enough pockets it could be restored.

I have not heard anything about the Adams. The Demolition request was for the Fine Arts Building, and as far as I know the the Adams was not included in the permit.

SwingMan said...

Thanks, a dubs.

Yeah, I've seen more than enough pics of the UA theater interior - especially the lobby :( - to tell that nothing but a complete gutting will save it.

Looks like the actual auditorium could still be feasibly saved, but the lobby looks like you'd need period pictures - a bucket load of custom work that mandates, like you suggested, bottomless pockets - to rebuild it from scratch.

No word on anything to be done - good or bad - on the Adams? Sure wish I could find some updated pics on the Adams interior - as well as a pic or two of the "tunnel" leading to the main floor seating. The Adams is the only theater I've ever seen or heard of that used split level tunnel entries over an alley.

Haven't heard anything on the National theater in quite some time either. Last I heard, it was to be restored close to its original purpose: a performing arts venue. Any updates?

(Sorry if I sound like some ignoramus with all the questions - I'm in Arizona and can't step out the door and waltz down to any of these places)