Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Reputation Doctor Releases Another Missive on Our Felonious Ex-Mayor

As you know, former Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick is required by law to pay restitution to the City of Detroit based on 30% of his current income, benefits and gifts received. Sadly, we are back in court tomorrow to put an end to the prosecutor's goal to increase his restitution payments based on rumors and innuendo and not facts. We feel confident the facts will speak for themselves tomorrow.

It is ironic these court issue continues to be top news stories in Detroit as the new Mayor gives his State of the City address. Kwame Kilpatrick is the former Mayor and not the current Mayor. External to his court problems, former Mayor Kilpatrick's accomplishments for the City of Detroit speak for themselves, including new hotels, new private and public sector jobs, a new Riverfront, national and local special events in a then vibrant downtown Detroit, new parks and recreation centers, new casinos bringing valuable revenue to the City, cleaner streets and much more!

Why is former Mayor Kilpatrick a scapegoat for all?

I certainly hope that Mike Paul buys his client a new shirt for tomorrow's hearing just to avoid any confusion.

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