Monday, August 11, 2008

Mayoral Wanderlust

What's being overlooked in this latest controversy over the mayors travel is the amount money he has wasted on one-way flights, car rentals, hotel rooms, and gas as Mayor Kilpatrick tools around the country on his quest for solitude.

One can only imagine how much additional money Kilpatrick is soaking the city for by flying out to events and driving home, or has he been flying Suave Air? Steve Wilson should be doing his quarterly audit of the Mayor's credit card statements.

Christine Beatty also traveled to Atlanta this summer on her job search. There should be an investigation to see if the mayor and her were in town at the same time.

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Sandy said...

I was wondering if anyone else was thinking about all the money he has been sqandering. They really need to look at all that BEFORE he is out of office (if that ever comes about). I find him extremely arrogant. He appears to think that nothing will ever happen to him and that he can just keep going about doing whatever he wishes.